What We Deliver

Or first of all, what we will NOT deliver.

What does losing weight and fundraising have in common?  Probably more than you realize.  Did you know that 6 out of every 10 US citizens are considered overweight and on an annual basis approximately 50 million Americans will go on some kind of diet program? Of those, only 5 – 10 percent will succeed in shedding weight and keeping it off.

The $48 billion dollar weight loss industry is built on unrealistic promises for those looking for an easy, quick fix.  Yet anyone who has ever made the commitment to lose unwanted pounds will tell you success comes to those who engage in a plan that is built on a methodical, multi-disciplined approach.  We believe these same rules apply to non-profit fundraising, so much so that we guarantee it.

PROMUS+ Consulting was founded to provide the structure and guidance needed to resolve the unique fundraising challenges facing non-profit organizations in this rapidly evolving economic climate.  Always mindful that from mission to finances to organizational development, no two non-profits are alike, through a multi-disciplined approach, nearly two decades of practical experience are utilized to honestly assess your organization’s fundraising strengths and weaknesses.  With this knowledge we identify efficient, effective and practical solutions for both immediate and long-term fundraising goals.

“It’s your vision.  We help you see it clearly.”