Kelly T Gaule

At PROMUS+ Consulting two common denominators drive our work: Passion – for the ability of non-profit organizations to change lives – and Possibility – that thoughtful and well-executed development and marketing plans will allow you to secure the resources needed to achieve your mission.  We provide years of practical, hands-on fundraising experience and the proven success of Guerrilla Marketing strategies, combined with our unique training module for behavioral goals to deliver dramatic results.

We accomplish the unique goals designed specifically for your organization through a disciplined process, intellectual honesty, counsel on the applications of cutting-edge technologies, and our unwavering commitment to improve the communities in which we all work and live.  For a quick assessment, take a moment to answer the following questions:

What brought you here today?

Are you concerned about the status of your current fundraising?

Is the operational budget outpacing the private dollars needed to sustain your mission?

Is there confusion over who owns certain responsibilities?

Does your development plan instill confidence in your staff?  Your board?  Your volunteers?  Do you have a development plan?

Is there a marketing plan to mirror and support all of the activities of your development plan?

Are the people responsible for raising money appropriately trained on the myriad behaviors needed for success?

Passion for your work is honorable yet can only take most organizations so far.

Are you ready to turn ambiguity into clarity?

Then contact us today via email or give us a call at 617.207.1818.  


What we deliver.

“It’s your vision.  We help you see it clearly.”